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About us

ManCrafted provides unique, customizable products crafted by hand that cannot be found in stores! We guarantee the use of high quality materials and attention to detail. Find a wide range of beer, liquor, and manly decor perfect for yourself, or to gift anyone for their mancave or home bar.

ManCrafted takes pride in creating uniquely crafted items that are customizable to the buyer's taste, and are created using materials that meet the high standards of the consumer. Not only do we provide personalized third-party items, but we also create our own unique products using repurposed materials that would otherwise be thrown out or simply recycled.

ManCrafted is taking crafting to a different level. It's not just about making flower magnets and knitting mittens, it's about taking something you enjoy doing, and making something out of it. It's Creative Craftsmanship.

ManCrafted products make great gifts for men, women, beer lovers, and anyone else. They can be used or simply displayed as decorative pieces. They make a great addition to any mancave or home bar.

Be sure to check back on us, new items will be gradually added. If you find something you'd like made, feel free to reach out and we will get back to you with a quote within our possibilities.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make a purchase, feel free to email us by clicking here!

Thank you!