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Ammo Box Nickel Brass Bullet Gift Set

  • $135.00

If you're looking to get a complete badass set for yourself or for a gift, this ammo can has it all. Right away you'll notice this is no ordinary ammo box, it has one of several military inspired designs spray painted on one side, and on the other it states it is your property - with your name of course. Open it up and you have several bullet themed items such as:

1x 308 Nickel Brass Bullet Pen. Twist type with black ink cross refill.

1x Satin Chrome Zippo Lighter with 9mm bullet attached onto it. (Needs fluid)

1x 223 Nickel Brass Rifle Bullet Tie Clip 

1x 9mm Nickel Brass Bullet Money Clip

1x Pair of 9mm Nickel Brass Bullet Cufflinks

You just can't go wrong with this complete package! All we need is what you want on the can and a couple days to make it for you and that's it! Gifting made easy, we don't mess around here.

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